04 | It All Started With The ComCom Principle

February 10th, 2010 by bruno boutot
  • From now on, every communication has to take into account its feedback.
  • For every communication output (« Com »)
    there is a communication feedback (« Com »).
  • Meaning: Every time we publish any ad, news, or content in any media we must provide, at the same time, the means for our readers-consumers to reply.
  • Moreover, if we want to thrive in this new context, we have to seize every opportunity to provoke this feedback.
In hindsight, it looks today as if ComCom contains hidden in its folds most ideas anyone needs to use the Web at its best for fun or for profit. But it took some twists and turns to go from there to a business model. #

Note: I have registered “Com Com” as a trademark in Canada in 1999 and have used it ever since for business and conferences. #


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