1st timeline (numbered): I am going back in time to show how I came to these observations, retracing the steps and processes through brief quotes and graphs. #

2nd timeline: I post how these observations fit (or don’t) with current conversations, news and events. #

  • January 2009: Domain name media machina
  • December 2005: First contact with Sylvain Carle
  • November 2005: Member of metafilter.com
  • 2005: Admin of worth1000.com
  • March 2005: Member of Howard Rheingold’ brainstorm community
  • May 2002: First document explaining ComCom in English
  • 2002: Member then Juror of worth1000.com
  • April 2002: First exchange of emails with Avi Muchnick, Worth1000 founder
  • 2000: Member of tabletalk.salon.com
  • 2000: Member of nytimes.com
  • January 2000: Member of eBay.com
  • January 1999: Filing the application for ComCom trademark in Canada
  • 1987-1997: Editor in chief, associate and co-founder of Infopresse