Where am I talking from?

Here are in a nutshell the most relevant data points in my background regarding the content of media machina: #

  • I have been a journalist since 1978, mainly covering media
  • I have been editor in chief and part owner for 10 years of a business magazine covering media, advertising and marketing in Québec (kinda Ad Ages).
  • With this knowledge and this background, I have explored the Web since 1994, I have visited thousands of sites and their respective FAQs, I have participated in several communities, and I became moderator and admin of the Worth1000 community.
  • I am a consultant about media and the Web and I am always learning through the experience of my clients and their projects.
So everything I write in media machina is seen through the lenses of #

  • journalism, reporting facts and observations;
  • how these observations may contribute to the businesses of mass media, advertising and marketing;
  • how these observations may contribute to managing a mass media made by journalists, design and production specialists, advertising sales people, managers;
  • how these observations may contribute to managing a community: a collective media made by its members;
  • how these observations may contribute to the specific business I have worked on with my clients.
I also hope it shows the excitement and pleasure I have had and am still having meeting great and passionate people through work, learning, projects and discoveries. :-) #

Where am I?

Montreal, Québec, Canada, since 1978 #

Where did I study?

Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France 1967-1970 #

Where was I born?

Brive, France #