Why 5 Ws in the navbar and not an “About” as usual?

Because I am a journalist, not an academic, and journalists learn to work according to the 5 Ws. #

Why now?

Because, with the marvel of blogs and Twitter, I am reading, daily, the masters in my field of media and new business models. I am enjoying their thoughts, their exchanges, their knowledge, their curiosity, their courage. I felt it was time to contribute and share my stuff, as insignificant as it might be. #

Why is this not a book?

It isn’t? Hm. Really? You mean, like, printed on paper? #

Why in English?

“When you have a choice, go for Very High Bandwidth first”. I can meet face to face with most members of my French speaking community in Quebec. However, most members of my English speaking community are farther away, so I have to reach them through lower bandwidth channels like blogs and Twitter. This is the blog part. #

Why are there artworks in posts?

I grew up reading comics and I became a magazine maker. I have always loved working with art directors, illustrators and photographers. I know that images and colors can enhance a text when chosen right. (Images can stand alone but I am a writer: I don’t “think” in images, I add them to written stuff.) And I enjoy finding one that fits. Hope you like it. #

Other questions?

Please ask, by email or through comments, and I’ll answer here if I can. #