The Business Model Is Not a Mystery

April 12th, 2012 by bruno boutot
Media is the connective tissue of society.
Clay Shirky
Cognitive Surplus #

An alternative business model for news is not a mystery. #

A platform where people can have content exchanges and commerce exchanges. #

“A marketplace is the space, actual, virtual or metaphorical, where goods and services are exchanged.”
Wikipedia #

From farmers markets to stock markets, from eBay to craigslist to Etsy and countless others, there is nothing exotic or strange about peer to peer marketplaces, in real life or on the Web. #

The business model of these peer to peer marketplaces is pretty standard: selling or renting space, taking a fee and/or a percentage on transactions, selling services that lead to transactions. #

Newspapers are in the business of helping other businesses sell their goods/services.
Steve Yelvington
What I’ll be telling journalists in Minnesota #

Media companies are becoming in part, retailers. Does it make sense to put a toll booth at the door to your store to keep people out? Once you have a lasting relationship, there are more ways to serve customers and make money.
Jeff Jarvis
The danger of the wall #

When I talk about direct sales, I am not talking about selling what our company produces. I am talking about brokering sales for our business customers: Instead of selling them eyeballs, we help them sell their products, which is what they really want.
Steve Buttry
Robert Niles says there is no new revenue model for journalism; I disagree #

And the way it makes money need not be in click-throughs on intrusive ads. That’s the old business model. The new model may well be sharing transaction revenues on all kinds of online commerce, for example.
Steve Lohr nytimes
Siri and Apple’s Future #

And there is no doubt that transactions offer a big opportunity. #

Consider for a minute how gargantuan the social shopping/merchandising market opportunity is: the current US retail market (excluding home and automotive) is around $4+ TRILLION/year and is supported by $150+ billion in advertising, the bulk of which still goes to TV for immersive, emotionally impactful ads. #

Proximity, Origin, Equality and Memory are the underlying parameters that allow such a platform to work. #

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