What is this blog?

media machina is about business models for media on the Web, from patterns I have observed during the past 15 years, in a very condensed form. #

What are the guidelines to participate in this blog?

I like the short version of MetaFilter Guidelines: “Don’t be an ass.” #

What are the copyright conditions here?

Everything I write in media machina is free for your personal use under the terms of this creative commons license. For any other use, see How much? #

What does “beta” mean?

It means that I am publishing a draft.
And that my English is not up to par.
As I was still worrying about the need for more editing, my friend Sylvain Carle sent me two links:
Release early, release often.
Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.
So I am counting on your eyeballs.
Please don’t hesitate to suggest corrections in comments or through email.
Thank you. #